Thursday, November 3, 2016

Near Sighted

Scott was pretty upset at our last eye doctor appointments when he found out he needed glasses.  Jesse and I decided not to push it and let him warm up to the idea.  Our appointments were on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday morning, he was asking to look online for a pair of glasses.  I've been ordering mine from Zenni Optical which lets you upload a photo of yourself to "try on" the glasses.  He found a pair and we ordered them, then he asked often when they would arrive.  When they did, he put them on right away and didn't hate them, a good sign.

He has been wearing them when I drop him off at school and when I pick him up, but via Bekah who got a report from Eleanor, I know he hasn't been wearing them during school.  He and Caden R. had a deal to both wear their glasses. Caden has them as well but never wears them.  But then Caden couldn't find his.  Jesse told Scott he needs to wear them in class tomorrow and see what a difference it makes.  We'll see what he has to say after school tomorrow.

I think he looks pretty darn smart and handsome in his new specs!

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