Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sleeping Outside on November 12th

The forecast was for a low of 34 degrees on Saturday, November 12th.  Where did Bekah and Corinne want to sleep?  On the yard swing which they turned in to a cozy swinging bed tent.

I had my doubts that they would last very long after nightfall out there in the cold and dark.  I was dreading having to hound them to fold up and put away the eighteen blankets and sleeping bags they had dragged out there.

But I underestimated these two!  Here they are at 7am when I woke up and went to check on them after not finding them in Bekah's room:
I guess 18 blankets was enough to keep warm, even at near-freezing temps.  They had added some heavier blankets to the tent covering which helped keep the wind out.  And see their Christmas lights in there?  Corinne had deemed it "very Pinteresty"!

This marks Bekah's second record - first was jumping in the lake on November 5th, and now we have sleeping outside on November 12th.  What a weird weather year in Northern MN.

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