Friday, December 23, 2016

Bring on Christmas Vacation!

Yesterday was the last day of school before Christmas vacation. It wasn't a very school-like day, especially for Bekah's class who got to spend the afternoon at the GR Middle School pool after having a game party in their classroom in the morning.

 Last night we hosted a Gross family dinner so that Matt would have a chance to see us since he can't stay for Gross family Christmas on Dec 31st. Everyone was there except Nicolle, Josh and Conor.

Today has been a lazy, hanging around the house day. The boys pulled the Zoobs out and have been having a great time with them again, creating armor, crowns and weapons.

Alarik received a paint set and paper from Auntie Stephie's daycare. Though he's not usually much for drawing, he is LOVING this gift and is well on his way to filling up that paper pad already!

I took today through January 2nd off to spend at home with the kids. I will have to go in to work one day next week to do payroll and water bills, but other than that, I plan to be truly on vacation.  Jesse has today through Monday off.

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