Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chistmas Day

Christmas is...

...mixing up biscuits for breakfast in my new Kitchen-Aid mixer!
...little boys with new watches updating me on the time every couple of minutes (or even more often - Scott's watch shows the seconds too and he just told me, "Oh, it's seven seconds after 10:01.  Oh, it's ten now!")
...Jesse opening "War and Peace" and reading on the couch for the next hour.
...Bekah gathering and organizing all her gifts into a neat pile immediately after opening everything.
...listening to rain on the roof after making it back from Remer - what a crazy winter storm!

Here is Scott looking puzzled and disappointed as he zones in on Morgan's Pupperoni treats and fails to notice his own Santa present.
 And there he finally saw the Muck boots and watch from Santa...whew!  😃
Muck boots for both of the big kids.
 Alarik's family of Christmas giraffes grows by one thanks to Santa. This one's name is "Giraffe" to go with "Gigi" and "Jaja".  We were thinking they would be a family of three but Alarik has already decided they are brothers and is thinking of two more names "for when I get their mom and dad".  😊
 Stocking time: here are some of their favorite things from their socks.

 Harry Potter loot for Bekah from her brothers.

Buck knives from mom and dad. He deemed it the Christmas of "Muck and Buck".

Jesse made gravy to go with the biscuits I had made and we enjoyed breakfast and coffee while the kids played with all their new stuff. We started what I hope is a new tradition of having It's A Wonderful Life playing in the background while we enjoyed the slow pace of the morning. That slow pace is one of the best things about the scaled-back Christmas we've been working toward over the last couple of years.

After breakfast we braved the already icy roads to head to the annual Christmas meal and gathering at Great Grandma Helen's in Remer.  The kids table was all set up in Grandma's beauty shop just off the kitchen and the meal was ready to serve.

A round of present opening was followed by a round of the dice game.

Scott had his eye on these tins of popcorn because they made a handy chair as well as a delicious prize. He only ended up with one of them but he had them both at one point.

All the Christmas excitement made for a long winter's nap on the ride home for Alarik. He didn't even wake up when we stopped for gas in Deer River.
We made it home before the rain/ice/slush storm had started in earnest and stayed cozied up for the night in front of The BFG, Alarik's other gift from Santa.

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