Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Last night was Storlie family Christmas at the Morse Town Hall.  We went to Grandpa Tom and Great Grandma Lorraine's afterwards for a few more presents and visiting.  We managed to get a photo of Grandpa Tom with all five of his grandkids.

Christmas Eve was a very laid back day around here.  I attempted to nap more than once but never managed it.  There were too many board games to play and meals/snacks to be eaten.  I spent an hour in the bow stand. I intended to spend two but it was just too cold up there in the breeze. I froze out after the first hour.

It's tradition to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It's usually a new pair of PJs for everyone, but this year I didn't do that because the boys rarely wear PJs.  So this year, inspired by Bekah's intense desire to get two pet donkeys, the gift was a book, "The Christmas Donkey" and a donkey ornament for the tree.

Neither Jesse or I had even though about a dinner plan and the kids were hungry after we read their new book. Scott stepped up and grilled up some cheese sandwiches for us all.
 What a guy!
We went to the candlelight service at church this evening, laid out cookies for Santa, and now the kids are all in bed.  Jesse and I are just about ready to make the last of the preparations for morning and then we'll hit the hay too.

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  1. Your boys rarely wear pj's.....that made me laugh. They rarely wear anything:)