Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The 5-year Old's Vocabulary

Alarik has just the best vocabulary for a 5-year old! He is always using the more complex word to describe what he is talking about.

Recently when the remote control wasn't working for him at my mom's house he said, "Grandma, this thing is not responding!"

He jammed his pinky roughhousing a few days ago and informed me that his finger was "injured".

When I had to have a talk with him about behavior at daycare and said I was sure he could do better the next day he quickly said, "But by tomorrow I probably won't remember this discussion."

We've had some mice in the house lately and one was in the dog food bin a week or so ago. When I sent Alarik down to fill the dog's bowl this morning he said, "If there's a mouse in there I'll probably come scattering up without the dog food."

And while adding an ornament to the Christmas tree that he had just made he asked, "Could you please hang my ornament somewhere more noticeable?"

He says "vehicle" instead of "car" or "truck" and he almost always says "as well" instead of "too".

Love it all!

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