Monday, December 26, 2016

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Bekah and I are both big fans of the day after Christmas. And it fits the definition of Alarik's coveted "free day off". He asks me every morning if that day is a "free day off", meaning no work, school or daycare.  This morning the answer was YES!  I try to do the minimal amount of chores possible, though I can't really relax unless at least the dishes are washed and the countertops are cleaned off.  But really we have more important things to do.

There are new games to play,

new toys to imagine with,

new PJs to cozy up in and new books to read,

new blankets to cuddle up under and new movies to watch.
Yes, the pressures of the day-after-Christmas schedule around here are heavy, but we're up to the challenge! 😏

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