Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vacation Schedule

After spending our Most Wonderful Day of the Year at home together, the rest of vacation has quite a lot of comings and goings for us.

Today: Bekah to Grandma Linda's, Alarik's friend Gage over for a play day, Corrine picked up by Jesse after work for a double-header sleepover with Bekah
Wednesday: Mom to work, Alarik to Grandma Linda's, Bekah, Scott & Corrine have the run of the house for the day, then Scott to a movie with Dalton's family
Thursday: Scott to Grandma Linda's, Corrine heads home, evening get together with the Hersh family
Friday:  No plans, no comings, no goings! Maybe we'll get out spearing.
Saturday: Gross family Christmas in Northome, some sort of New Year's Eve celebrating in the evening
Sunday: church, no plans otherwise
Monday: No plans

It's a good thing these are all fun and fantastic plans, otherwise it would be daunting. Alarik has been asking for months when he will get to have a friend over. Scott has friends over often because it's convenient with Caden R. right next door and Dalton able to come over after school anytime. We try pretty hard to get plans made with Corinne when there is a school break or an open weekend. That is getting harder as the girls get older but it's still important to them and their friendship is such a positive thing that we are willing to go out of our way to make sure they get time together.  Christmas break was the perfect time to see if Gage could come over for a day. Alarik's been missing him since school started and Gage went to Kindergarten.  The boy to girl ratio is rather boy-heavy today with Bekah gone and Gage here, but I'm trying to block out the crazy noise and running and fake fighting and just let them enjoy the boy time. 
Grandma Linda had called yesterday to see when the kids might want to come spend some time with her. They wanted to split up and go on separate days. Hopefully that's not more company than Grandma bargained for!

My day at work tomorrow is going to be full but I'm hoping to crank out payroll and water bills so I don't have to go back until next week when the kids start school again.

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