Monday, January 2, 2017

Alarik had a friend over one day during Christmas break and they sure had some funny conversations.
Alarik: Gage, I got a BIG bag of Skittles for Christmas.
Gage: Did they give you a stomach ache?
Aalrik: No. But I did have diarrhea yesterday.😕

Alarik: Gage, do you wish we were brothers and that Scott didn't exist?
It just so happened that Scott was standing right there when Alarik asked this and he said "Gee, thanks."

Alarik had a deep thought question for me as we were driving down the road the other day.
Alarik: Mom, what happens to peoples' mailboxes when they move?

Jesse and Scott were lounging/wrestling on the bed. All of a sudden Jesse yelped, "Are you flexing your butt on me???" and Scott immediately said, "Yes. Doesn't it feel like a hammer?"
That fits right in with his superhero alter ego that he and Bekah invented, "Steel Buttocks"

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