Monday, January 16, 2017

Conversation with Alarik in the car today:

A: I think Corinne's Dad is kinder than my Dad.

Me: Why do you say that?

A: Dad is just so "wude" sometimes!

A: Are babies alive when they're in their mom's tummies?

Me: Yes.

A: How do they get out of there?

Me: (Going with honest and open) Babies come out of a body part called the vagina, between a woman's legs. Or sometimes the doctor has to do a surgery called a C-section to take the baby out of an incision in the mom's tummy.

A: Did you have to go to the doctor?

Me: Yes, most people go to the doctor either way. But I did not have a C-section.

A: But what if the mom dies?

Me: Well, that usually doesn't happen, but sometimes it does and it's very sad.

A: Do you think Dad would be kinder if you had died?


Bekah: That was the weirdest conversation I've ever heard.

Me:  It ranks right up there for me too.

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