Tuesday, January 17, 2017

For the second year in a row, Bekah chose a weekend of snowmobiling at the farm for her birthday. This year we probably had enough snow to go on her birthday, but with the holidays starting up in full swing with Thanksgiving weekend, we decided it was still best to wait until after Christmas.
The girls and Scott had a great time putting miles on the sled as they zipped 'round and 'round the fields at the farm.

Sunday was particularly nice out and we enjoyed tromping around the place.

Even 14-years young Morgan put on some serious miles chasing the kids.

I doubt we ever go to the farm without watching Guardians of the Galaxy. The girls did the baby Groot dance at the end.

Alarik always declares a "free day off" as "Underpants Day" and being at the farm doesn't hinder that in the least!

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