Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm not truly a superstitious person, but Friday the 13th kind of nailed me this year.

I had been having car trouble with my Jeep for several weeks and it was in the shop so I was driving Jesse's truck to a seminar for work. I had a terrifying encounter with the icy roads and a guard rail and dinged up the bottom of the brush guard.

The damage was very minimal and we're grateful for it because it was seriously a miraculous outcome. Meaning, it should have turned out much worse for both me and the truck, but it didn't. 

After God saw me through that, I pressed my luck by backing into our woodpile.  No damage from that.  Then on my way out the farm late that night, the headlights on the Jeep (which was out of the shop by then) just randomly turned off.  Once Bekah and I made it out to the farm where the rest of the family was already settled in, I walked in the door and straight to bed before old Friday the 13th could give me any more close calls.

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