Thursday, January 26, 2017

Jesse and the kids accompanied me to a work training/meeting in Bloomington last Friday and Saturday. We were hoping to avoid the Mall of America but it was visible from our hotel room window so, no deal.

I was spared. Jesse took the kids there while I was in my class on Friday. They had fun at the Nickelodeon theme park, Barnes & Noble and the Disney store, and they each got a new winter hat. They had lunch at Margaritaville which got two thumbs up from all of them.

Looks like Scott is having the time of his life and Bekah is wondering why she got on this thing!

You'd think they'd be all worn out after that but no. Bekah and Scott begged me to take them to the fitness center in the hotel as soon as I was back from my class.  We went and had a workout and then a quick dip in the pool before heading out for dinner.

After my short business meeting Saturday morning, we headed out of the cities, stopped in North Branch for lunch at Denny's and a little bit of shopping, then made our way home.

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