Monday, January 9, 2017

We had a surprising discovery during my photo-album rearranging project.  We celebrated Morgan's 15th birthday in December 2016. Both Jesse and I were certain she was born in December 2001 and that we had gotten her in January 2002, before we got married later that year.

Well, these photos tell a different story, as they are date stamped January 2003. At first both of us were so sure that we had been right about 2001 being her birth year, we figured the date on the camera must have been set incorrectly at the time these photos were taken.  But they were in order in our older photo albums and fit in the 2003 timeline. 
Jesse did a little detective work and noticed his wedding band on his hand in this photo, so I guess that proves it.
Morgan turned 14 years old this past December.  Just a spring chicken, she is!

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