Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bekah, Scott and I had a brainstorming session a few evenings ago.  Our topic: summer chores, screen time and behavior.  Scott decided we each needed paper to take notes and he kept us all on topic.

We've never been able to settle on one system that works well enough that we want to repeat it, so we end up trying something new each summer.  I'm glad I decided to involve Bekah and Scott in the planning process this year. They were harder on themselves than I probably would have been!

Here's what we came up with:
A weekly chart for each kid that has their "must dos" and a "chore for a dollar", plus an area to track their screen time.  Here's what Alarik's will look like:

And here is how Bekah's and Scott's will look:
I will fill in their chores based on what most needs to be done that week. 
"Must dos" and "chores for a dollar" are not new.  Neither is the tracking of screen time. We've done those things in one form or another throughout the years.  What IS new is the "behavior rating" section.  This is the first summer that the three kids will be home together without Jade as a babysitter.  I needed a way to make them accountable without automatically making Bekah fully in charge. (Scott expressly noted that the "in chargeness" should be split 40-60 between he and Bekah - hahaha!)
This is what we're trying for the summer. Each kid gets a behavior ranking from each of the other two every day. The rankings are smiley face, neutral face, frowny face. There can also be a star for even better than a smiley face day. Their goal is a total of 21 stars or smiles for the week between the three of them. Meeting that goal will earn some sort of small reward which has yet to be determined.

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