Sunday, April 2, 2017

We've had a pretty great weekend around here.  Our snow is pretty much all melted except in the shadiest corners of the woods.

Bekah has been working hard on her and Corinne's fort.  Yesterday she packed up a big bin of "survival" stuff to stash out there, including this homemade first aid kit:
What else made the cut as "survival" necessities? A blanket, ladybug pillow pet, flashlight, and matches.

Scott helped Bekah on and off. When he wasn't lending his talents to her, he was working on his own project, a backyard teepee.

It's very sturdy!

And he made a lot of progress. He plans to weave some thinner sticks through it and then fill in with balsam and spruce boughs to cover.

I spent some time picking up broken toys and other debris in the yard, cleaning out flower pots and planters, sweeping the decks, and helping with the teepee here and there.

All of this playing and working outside in the mucky springtime yard meant plenty of clean-up time.  Alarik found that the little air compressor for our bubble bath mat also makes a great drying aid once you get out of the tub.

He prefers that "windblown" look.  😃

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