Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jesse and I enjoyed observing the difference between boys and girls over the weekend.

Scott had originally covered his teepee with boughs, but a windy rain storm proved that wasn't going to work.  Jesse gave him a lumber tarp and he spent a long time making holes properly spaced to secure the base.  He cut a door from another section of tarp and fashioned a hinge by weaving smaller, flexible twigs through the edges of each piece.  He even made a latch with another small flexible twig.

And then here are the girls.  They have been wanting to create some privacy out at their fort.  The tried building a "stick-ade" out of the existing brush surrounding the fort, but gave up on that when it wasn't working for them.  So this weekend, Corinne arrives with 8 shower curtains, a hot glue gun and a bag of boughs and branches (because apparently the ones we have aren't sufficient :)
She and Bekah got right to work hot gluing the camouflaging greenery to their shower curtains, then hauled them out to the fort and strung them up.

The curtains suffered a few rips on the trip out to the woods so they were also graced with big hunks of duct tape.  Now, I'm not saying that the girls set up looks any more white-trashy than a lumber tarp, but the difference in their approaches was just too marked.  Nature over nurture.  :)

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