Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The boys pooled their money to buy a fish tank, the necessary accessories, and four fish.  They have been pretty excited about them.

Alarik's fish are a puffer named Puffy and a Giant Danimo named Speedy.
Scott's fish are a Green Tiger Barb named Pepper and a Pink Kissing Gourami named Hot Lips

The puffer fish was supposedly aggressive and so we had to choose the other three based on who could survive with him, however it turns out that Speedy the Giant Danimo is the aggressive one.  He took a chunk out of Hot Lips' tail!  The kids tried quarantining him in a canning jar for a short time period, the "jar of shame" as they called it, but he didn't learn his lesson.  So they resorted to fashioning a new home for him out of a giant Twizzler container.

 Now he lives on his own and is known as "the mean fish who blew it".  😂

Monday, June 5, 2017

We went car shopping over the weekend and Scott fell victim to this Shelby GT350 on the showroom floor.  He wanted me to take his picture with it and in it, then proceeded to take a dozen more photos of his own with my phone.

Alarik's  6th birthday was the day Jesse and I flew home. We picked all the kids up from school/daycare and came home to relax and open his present from us: a crossbow he'd been pining over on Amazon.

 Birthday cash from Grandma Helen!

Birthday snuggles with Dad - I think they missed each other.  ☺

And birthday dinner/dessert at Park Rec for the birthday boy!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Everything about our trip to Montreal was AMAZING!

Day 1: Arrived, got our bearings and got over being motion sick on the city bus (me)

Day 1: Mount Royal, St. Joseph's Oratory, figured out the metro (subway) system, dinner at La Caverne Russian restaurant - Golubtsi (cabbage rolls) for Jesse and Vereniki (pierogi) for me

Day 3: Class for me from 7:30 to 4:30, walked in Old Montreal, Encounters in New France street fair, poutine for dinner at La Baraque du Vieux

Day 4: class from 8am-12:30pm for me, Notre Dame basilica, horse carriage ride in Old Montreal, Olympic Park, Biosphere (closed 😒), Brit & Chips for dinner 

Day  5: Class from 7:30-5:30 for me, smoked meat tray at Pub Victoria for dinner, walking along the Old Port and all around Old Montreal, City Hall, washed up clothes and dishes in our rental and packed for home.

Day 6: met some fellow clerks at Hotel Bonaventure at 3:45 am for a cab to the airport, Montreal → Minneapolis...Minneapolis → Duluth, lunch at Olive Garden, picked up groceries and home, sweet home!