Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The boys pooled their money to buy a fish tank, the necessary accessories, and four fish.  They have been pretty excited about them.

Alarik's fish are a puffer named Puffy and a Giant Danimo named Speedy.
Scott's fish are a Green Tiger Barb named Pepper and a Pink Kissing Gourami named Hot Lips

The puffer fish was supposedly aggressive and so we had to choose the other three based on who could survive with him, however it turns out that Speedy the Giant Danimo is the aggressive one.  He took a chunk out of Hot Lips' tail!  The kids tried quarantining him in a canning jar for a short time period, the "jar of shame" as they called it, but he didn't learn his lesson.  So they resorted to fashioning a new home for him out of a giant Twizzler container.

 Now he lives on his own and is known as "the mean fish who blew it".  😂

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