Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This is Larry.

The kids love Larry.
We let Bekah and Scott drive him to the dead end of the road and back. We figure it is a great intro to driving and they are really getting quite good at it. If they can be confident driving a stick shift at 11 and 12 years old, think what a breeze their actual driving test will be.

Jesse came home the other night and when I walked out on the deck to greet him he was laughing and said I had to come take a look at Larry.  Now, the boys had been playing some sort of make-believe game together for hours that day, which I was happy about, and I hadn't questioned it.  Boys playing harmoniously while I read my book?  Yes. I'll take it. No questions asked.

But from the looks of things, I should have been asking questions.  Let's see...a bag of money, a wrench, sock hat, golf club and light saber (weapons?).  Looks like some sort of mafia deal gone bad up in there.  What is this neighborhood coming to?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Alarik's latest wonderings:

Why do people's eyes need to be wet?
Has the Bigfork bank ever been robbed? (me: yes)
Did they catch the robbers? Are they in jail now? They probably died already.
Mom, what do prisoners have to eat? (me: the same kinds of things we eat)  Oh, cops are nice then. I was thinking mouse or something.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

If it's true what they say about time flying when you're having fun, that would certainly be the reason June, July and over half of August whooshed by in a blur for our family.  We have been having a fun summer, indeed.  Our weather has been near perfect, sunny and warm, not too many overly-hot days, bugs have been at a minimum for the most part, and rain hasn't ruined too many parades.

I've gotten a lot of reading time in, mostly in my new favorite reading spot, the hammock.

Grandma Dianna always gives Scott fireworks for his birthday.  We had a good warm up for Independence Day in our backyard.

Our first camping trip of the summer was a week with the Kallinens on Fall Lake just outside of Ely.  We had a really great week of good weather, good food and good fun.  We had a couple of rainy days but we used them to visit the Bear and Wolf Centers and eat out - very wise use of our time.!

Our kids had their first laundromat experience in Ely.  You'd have thought we were in an arcade, as intrigued as they were.  😃

Bekah spent a week at Camp Hiawatha.  This was her fifth summer going to camp already!  Eleanor went again this year too.

We had some fun closer to home with a drive up to Big Falls one random evening.  I forget how pretty it is up there.

Caught a few fish on Arrowhead Lake on another beautiful evening.

Camping trip #2 of the summer was the 8th annual Moms and Kids weekend.  This year we had 5 moms and 9 kids.  We camped for two nights at Itasca State Park where we enjoyed pretty much everything there was to do there - hiking, swimming, volleyball, climbing the fire tower and visiting the old-timers cabin. We rode out one thunderstorm just after we got camp set up.  It knocked out power. We holed up for a bit in Douglas Lodge but it cleared enough to go back and start a fire for dinner.

Camping: Take 3
The kids and I booked a four-night stay at Glendalough State Park.  We only ended up staying three nights because of bad weather coming our way.  But the trip was perfect and we fell in love with the place.  A favorite activity was swimming in the little creek that ran between two of the lakes.  Alarik called it "the current" and it did have a fast current that was so fun to play in.

Swimming is a big hit with the kids this summer so we've been out to Scenic State Park a number of times and we also went to the city beach one night and had it all to ourselves.

Jesse reminded me that I better start shooting since season isn't too many more weeks away.

Jesse and I spent a weekend in Duluth.  Blues Fest was going on and Jesse had booked us a room at South Pier Inn, just across the harbor from Bayfront Park.  We were able to sit on our private balcony and listen to the music across the water.  Perfection.