Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This is Larry.

The kids love Larry.
We let Bekah and Scott drive him to the dead end of the road and back. We figure it is a great intro to driving and they are really getting quite good at it. If they can be confident driving a stick shift at 11 and 12 years old, think what a breeze their actual driving test will be.

Jesse came home the other night and when I walked out on the deck to greet him he was laughing and said I had to come take a look at Larry.  Now, the boys had been playing some sort of make-believe game together for hours that day, which I was happy about, and I hadn't questioned it.  Boys playing harmoniously while I read my book?  Yes. I'll take it. No questions asked.

But from the looks of things, I should have been asking questions.  Let's see...a bag of money, a wrench, sock hat, golf club and light saber (weapons?).  Looks like some sort of mafia deal gone bad up in there.  What is this neighborhood coming to?

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  1. HaHa, I'd say it fits right in with the neighborhood;)