Friday, September 8, 2017

The much-anticipated first day of Kindergarten finally arrived for Mr. Alarik.  He complained that I woke him up too early and then he had too much time to just sit and wait.

When it was time to leave at last, he wanted a picture of "me and Dad with our lunchboxes".

And I had to have one of the siblings with their little brother.

Can you believe he didn't even want me to bring him to his room?  Nope. He said Scott could walk him there.

There they all go.

He had a GREAT first day! I enjoyed hearing all that he had to say about it. He said he learned that his magic number is 5. This must have something to do with classroom organization because he said Jessie R. is number 4 so she's just ahead of him whenever they line up.
I asked if he made any new friends and he said he did.  He didn't know his name, but he did remember that he was number 10 and that he had a Spider-Man lunchbox.  The important things, you know.
Alarik played Legos during choice time.  I asked who he played with and he said, "The twins. So I learned that I CAN get along with the twins!".  I have no idea why he ever decided that he couldn't get along with them, but I'm glad he found the opposite.  And he said that he and Elias had gotten along all day which was good because they had fought during Vacation Bible School. So Elias had the idea that next time at VBS they could both be nice and get along.  Ah, Kindergarten logic is so solid.

It was very strange to me to not have a reason to drive to Stephie's daycare this morning.  I'm not sure I like being a mom whose kids are all in school.  But there's no turning back now!

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