Friday, October 13, 2017

It's a varsity game night which means there is no puppy practice so Scott has time for piano after school.  He went through a mini-crises musically at the start of the year.  He had decided he wanted to trade piano for trumpet, then panicked a few days later and wanted to switch back.  That's been a good thing for us all as it's cut back quite a bit on the open hostility toward piano lessons.  Jesse and Scott made a deal that he would take lessons through 6th grade and then he could decide if he wanted to keep going or not.  I'm sure we can put a pretty safe bet on him stopping.  But he'll have 5 years under his belt by then and that's not bad at all.

Meanwhile in the living room...
Moose and JaJa are learning to play Toasted or Roasted.  😊

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