Sunday, October 15, 2017

We had a fun family day on Saturday with a trip to Rasmusson's Cowhorn Crossing farm in Grand Rapids.  There was everything from slides to a petting zoo, hay and corn mazes, and a hay ride to feed the cows.

Scott is 4.5 feet tall.

Alarik is just about a foot shorter than that at 3.5 feet.  He was happy that he was as tall as the pig which, of course, reminded him of Peaches.

When we walked into the petting zoo barn, Scott saw the mini pony and commented, "Huh. I didn't know that any species other than humans could have midgets."  😆

The kids, and especially Jesse, would not normally be much for a photo board, but even they couldn't pass up a chance to be the farmer keeping an eye on his little piggies.

Corinne was able to meet us there so Bekah was happy to have her to hang out with.

Scott is keeping an eye on this fellow.

This fun little afternoon trip was our peace offering in place of going to the Bayfield Apple Festival this year.  Though it wasn't quite the same caliber, it was also a way shorter drive and everyone seemed to have a really good time so I think it was a successful substitute.  Next year we may look for another new place to try out.

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