Thursday, October 5, 2017

We've been doing all things autumn around here: hunting (for deer, birds AND leaves), fishing, hiking, Kindergarten, harvesting, football, volleyball, jumping in the leaf pile, walking the know, the usual.

The giant mammoth sunflowers in our garden are anywhere from 6-10 feet tall! Like everything else though, they are being slowing fed to Peaches.

The boys grouse hunted at Grandma Dianna's last weekend.  They came home with a stuffed hunting vest.  It was stuffed with leaves, not grouse.  Fun, but they don't taste as good.

We've had lots of gray and rainy days but we took advantage of this nice evening to get out and fish at Lake of the Isles.  No bites.

Scott has really been enjoying the grouse hunting. We went last night and again tonight behind our house.  Last night Jesse had to keep reminding Alarik to be quiet.  Alarik tugged on my sleeve and whispered, "Pssst...does Scott know where he's going?"  After I assured him that he did, he looked around and added, "It looks very grousey around here."

Scott after Tuesday night football practice.  Rainy, muddy mess!

I had to go renew my driver's license and on the way back I stopped and hiked at Suomi Hills.  I'd never hiked there before and I will definitely be going back.  It was very pretty.

Bekah's volleyball team is much improved since last year. She is playing in both the 7th and 8th grade games and enjoying it very much.  

Alarik's Kindergarten teacher is using an app for classroom communication and she sends pictures and videos now and then.  Though I am still lamenting my status as a mom whose kids are all in school, it is pretty fun to see him in this new environment.

And then there's that thing I said about walking the pig.  Can't leave that out!
Jesse and Scott built Peaches a shelter since she'll be staying with us over the winter now.

While they worked, Jesse thought it would be a good idea to let Peaches free-range a bit.  She made a break for the woods first thing and I had to go after her.  She came when I called like a dog.

She did an unbelievable amount of "landscaping" while she was out.  It was kind of amazing to see how fast she could till up a square of turf!

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